I am a guitarist, instructor, and composer based out of Minneapolis, MN.

My formative years in music were spent learning the entire Metallica discography and waiting for music theory texts and tutorials to download on a 56k modem.  I remained self taught for several years, eventually finding my way down the shred-guitar rabbit hole occupied by the likes of Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.  While never losing my metal roots, I quickly started stretching my efforts out into jazz and classical guitar and began taking on students and performing at age 16.

I ultimately landed in Minneapolis, MN where I studied at McNally Smith College of Music and established roots as both a teacher and performer.  I’ve been performing here ever since as a sideman to dozens of local acts as well as taking point on a number of original projects and solo endeavors.

With styles ranging from progressive metal and classical to country, funk, and pop, I try my best to stay as versatile as possible and bring what I learn as a performer to my lessons with students.  I’ve taught thousands of lessons to hundreds of students and make every effort to bring my experience as a performer inform my teaching style and vice versa.

I currently teach at the St. Paul School of Music and Eclipse Music, both located in the Twin Cities.  You can see me performing with my original metal project, Peace to Death, and a rock/pop cover band called  Ditchweed.  I am also the producer, bandleader, and guitarist for Power Balladz- an 80s-rock themed theater production.